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Welcome to The Bin! My name is Cody Ragland and this is where I post my thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics of interest. I’m a big fan of media ranging from games and movies to books and comics, so that’ll be a lot of what I do! However, I also have an interest in finance, self-improvement, and technology, so don’t be surprised if you see some of that appear from time to time!

Hire My Services

For individuals that are looking for content creation services covering a wide variety of topics – but specifically concerning those listed above – please feel free to reach out to me by visiting the contact me page!

I’m a writing professional with over four years of experience creating engaging and informative content, and I want to put those skills to work for your business! I have experience in utilizing SEO, targeted keywords, GEO analytics, and more, letting me create content that’s perfect for expanding your online presence!