Hey all, sorry for the terribly long wait – life’s been crazy lately, as an understatement. Between losing my job, having my relationship of 1.5 years come to an end, and other things, haven’t really had time to sit down type away at the blog.

I did manage to do a few projects in the time being, though! Including complete a movie script – which I have no idea how to sell – and several short stories and other works. I might post a few of them at some point here!

Now that the whole rough period is behind me – though I still don’t have a job – I’ll try to post more regularly here. Maybe some of the works I’ve created?

Any way, good to see you all again, and sorry once again for the terribly long wait!

Also, if any one knows any one that’s interested in a movie script – action/comedy in the style of Guardians of the Galaxy and similar – I’d be happy to network and connect with you!

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