Tips for Writing Better Characters for Your Screenplays!

3 Tips for Writing Better Characters for Your Screenplay

Hey all! Been a while. Been super busy doing a variety of things, including dabbling with screenwriting again. Speaking of, that’s the topic of this blog today, as you can see from the headings above. Today we’re covering the creation of characters for your screenplay. Continue reading below to learn some interesting tips!

Make Your Character Likeable Early On

Your main character, or characters, are going to be on screen for 90 minutes give or take, or longer if they’re in a TV series. You better make sure that they’re relatable or at least likeable. They should be someone the audience roots for, or else the story will fall flat, and no one will care about the plot or the theme. You should make sure they have strong dialogue, make sure they have a goal that’s understandable, or at least be the most redeemable person in the room if they’re a bad guy.

Just make sure that you have a character that people don’t want to toss into a volcano, along with your story.

Make Them Realistic and Detailed

Your main character is the essence of the story and the script, they have to be detailed, and they should be realistic and relatable. You should show if they’re a fighter, a coward, a good person or a bad person, show us how they act, how they interact with the other characters, etc. Details are supposed to show us the character at their core, and how they change throughout the story. Its important to showcase these things, and to do so in a believable way.

Let the Character Make the Decisions

Your character’s set the pace of the story, they make the script unfold naturally and without forcing it. You don’t want to force structure, force the pacing. Its a good idea to keep the idea of your story structured, of course, but keep that structure mailable and easily changed. Don’t resist if the character’s actions, keeping in character, change the way the story flows. Embrace it, ask yourself how the character would react, what they would do, etc. It’ll make the script feel more alive and organic.

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These are just a few of the tips we have for those that are interested in screenplays or just want a few pointers on character creation. There’s quite a few writing tips and tricks here on my blog, so feel free to check them out! Also, please check out my novella, Dawn’s Arrival, available on Amazon for Kindle Unlimited, ebook for $0.99, or paperback for $5.99!

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