Indie Book Review: Dawn’s Arrival

Maromar's Writing Repository

Ennui is a pain as real as any other, hours toiling away at work miles short of your potential is torturous. This is the position Richard Foxx suffers as a gifted student of a famed mage university built under the shadow of the powerful Church of Drakari.

Cody Ragland’s Dawn’s Arrival features a protagonist driven to delve into magically created life in a parallel to Frankenstein. Unlike the mad doc, however, Richard is motivated by family and recognition issues paired with an institute unable to provide a safe, suitable challenge to his talents.

The setup isn’t revolutionary, but it isn’t necessarily dull. Richard has a small mean streak coupled with what looks like a superiority complex but doesn’t come off as an entirely unlikable person, especially as we get clued into the reasons behind his behavior. I believe that was Ragland’s intent; the chip on Richard’s shoulder combined with his…

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