3 Things You Should Avoid When Writing Anything

Writing is hard – no, really! It can be hard to craft something that draws a reader in, regardless of the genre or type of literature. Technical writing, non-fiction writing, and creative writing, all of these things come with their own trials and tribulations. Especially when you factor in other people’s opinions! That’s why you often fall into traps and make mistakes that you otherwise could avoid. What are these mistakes? What should you avoid? Continue reading to find out!

Listening to the Grammar Police

We all know they’re out there, watching, waiting. They’re lurking in your comments section, eyeing your Twitter or Facebook feed. They’re going to catch you and expose you for the most heinous of crimes – having improper grammar. How dare you! The truth is, you don’t really need to worry about 100% proper grammar. Yes, yes, the Grammar Police are freaking out, I can hear them hunting for me already. But it’s true – authors, especially top ones, break grammar rules constantly. Put your writing first, tell your story, get your point across. Don’t worry about the Grammar Police – they’ll move on eventually.

Using Longer Sentences to Appear Intelligent

Can you have a sentence that stretches from page to page, with no breaks? Yes. Should you? No. It doesn’t matter how exceptional the wording is, how awe-inspiring the prose or the usage of commas, if your work isn’t easily read no one will care. Because no one will read it. I can hear the literary fiction lovers screaming already! The casual reader doesn’t care about anything that isn’t easy to read and immersive. They want short, attention grabbing works that easily flow from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph, and that’s it. Don’t try to appear fancy or intelligent – just write something that is entertaining.

Selection of genres for creative writing laid out

Writing Across Genres When Starting Out

You might want to branch out and explore a variety of genres, and that’s all fine and dandy, but the truth is that its better to pick one and stick with it. Especially at the start. Profitable and prolific writers pick a genre and niche and focus on learning that one before moving into another, letting them build expertise and understand the audience better. You can explore something on the side, in short stories and such, but if you want to truly write seriously? Don’t spread yourself too thin. Write what you love to read and focus on that.

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These are just a small number of things you need to avoid when starting out into a writing career, or even expanding a old one. You need to focus on your genre of choice – typically what you read – make sure that you write something easy to read, and write what feels and sounds good, not necessarily what is perfect. In the end, these are just tips, so do what you want – I know I do!

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