Blog Updates and Changes for Future

Hey all! Some of you might have noticed a few changes around here, specifically on pages such as my “About Me,” “Contact,” and “Home.” That’s because I’ve decided to rework a few aspects of the blog in prep for a heavy pursuit of freelancing! Now, what does that mean? Well, lemme tell ya!

Some Changes in Content

First off, there’s gonna be a few changes in relation to content. Now, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting creative writing and or writing tips, those will remain! No, I’ll just be adding two other categories to my list and posting quite a few pieces related to them during the week/weekend. These will be mostly related to those two categories – likely business, finance, or real estate in nature – and as such might not be too interesting for you! Sorry about that, but I’m going to be setting up some examples and pieces that showcase my ability to write in those fields!

I’ll still post my usual content pieces as well, just expect some of that to appear on your dashboard!

Changes in Site Layout

As mentioned in the opener, I’ve changed a few pieces of the site layout. These are small changes, such as adding a “hire me” or a few lines of text added or changed related to freelancing and freelancing opportunities/services, but they should be noted. I also changed the site logo, removed the tag line and logo from the home page, edited the header, and a few other bits and pieces. If you have any suggestions on changes I can make to improve the site, please let me know!

Guest Post Availability

Finally, I’m looking to build a solid portfolio of working outside of my own space! That means that I’m open to writing content for other people’s sites, free of charge, as long as the topics are interesting or free to be discussed. So, if you want someone to write some things for your site, please reach out to me! I added a new business email to my contact page just for that purpose (hopefully that works)!

All and all, I hope the new changes won’t be too annoying and you find the content that comes across your dash at least mildly interesting in the future. It’ll be my first attempts to branch into these fields, so any feedback would be great!

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