Should you Pursue a Creative Degree or Education?

This is a topic that’s come up a few times when I’m talking to younger friends who are interested in college, or being pressured into college by either family, teachers, or society. College is a difficult subject to approach as it largely depends on where you are going, what type of school, what your field of study will be, etc. That said, I can give my two cents – whatever that’s worth – on this topic today! Continue reading below!

College Isn’t What it Seems

I’ve made it no secret that I dislike the US education system, especially to those in my close social circle. I dislike the emphasis on higher-education, especially “higher education for all.” So, you can already tell my opinion’s on the matter! I think that college, specifically STEM fields and similar, can be useful, but real world experience trumps all. This is especially true for creativity and creative subjects. You would be better off exploring the world and all it offers with your money, getting your creativity heightened and gaining experience, than sitting in a dull classroom learning how to think and feel.

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Writing Teachers are Not Great

I covered this in a previous blog post – the issues creative writing majors will face in college – but will restate it here. College professors, specifically those in creative writing, are not the best teachers in most cases. Sometimes you have gems, but in my experience, they have little real world knowledge, little experience or connections to the professional writing and or publishing world, and worst of all they are incredibly biased. They hate genre fiction, they tell you how to write and what to write, and they definitely don’t support your creativity. They want you to be creative how they would be. That’s a major problem – it will stifle your creativity.

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Skip School, Get to Work

I’ll be honest with you. College is, outside most circumstances, a waste of time. This is my opinion as someone that attended a four-year university and graduated. You would be better off just getting right to work online, in your field, and connecting with people that work in the jobs you do. Join groups, online or offline, submit your work to publishers and contests, join workshops, partake in creative group projects – if you’re doing something like programming or similar – create a blog or website. Write a book, screenplay, novella, etc. Just, do what you’re wanting to do. Don’t waste time and money to stay in High School 2.0 – you’ll leave and have to do everything I just listed anyway! Get an early start!

I know I’ve got a bias against college – especially creative writing degrees and courses, considering my experience – but these are genuinely not that bad of tips and suggestions. You’re going to have to get to work in all the ways I suggested anyway, so why not get a head start? Why not save the bill – and it will be considerable if you’re an American – and get right to work building your career?

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Anyway, that’s all I’ve got! So, if you agree or disagree with what I’ve said here, let me know! Also, tell me any ideas for non-fiction topics you might want me to cover. I’ll be more than happy to research and write about it! Heck, give me some short-story ideas and I’ll try and write those, too! Setting, plot, and more – just comment below and leave a like!

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