3 Tips to Improving Your Writing Skills!

You feel like you’re stagnating as a writer, can’t find out how to improve, what you can do to give you that edge over the rest of us schmucks. We’ve all been there, honestly. Any writer that tells you they haven’t is talking out of their ass or is The Chosen One – and God do I hate that trope. So, what can you do to get better? What do you have to do to improve? Well, I’ll tell you a few things that helped me and let you figure out the rest!

Brush Up on Your Basics

You’re gonna hate this one. I can already hear you groaning from way over here. Listen, I know its a trope in and of itself, in just about every media or how-to seminar, but sometimes tropes exist for a reason. Unlike The Chosen One, brushing up on the basics just works. You need to understand the basic principles of writing, creative or otherwise. This includes grammar, spelling (optional with Word I guess…) and some books to browse through in order to spark some creative juices. Maybe you can get ideas from authors in the past, maybe those self-help writing advice books can do the trick (I’ve got some recommendations here), or maybe you just need a cold beer and a night with friends.

Whatever works, returning to the basics in order to advance is never a bad idea.

Write Like It’s a Job You Love

Yeah, yeah, I hear you one this one too – “Cody, why wouldn’t I love to write if its my job! You seemed to have put that on there as an after thought!” Well, as someone that writes content day-in, day-out, 8-5 everyday for a marketing firm, let me tell you something – you don’t want to write like its just a job. You want to love it. You need to love it, or else you’re gonna stagnate and burn out. Practice should be something to enjoy, not something you dread – you kill your love for something that way. You gotta love the blank page, the blinking cursor, and the idea of a writer’s block shouldn’t even touch you.

Dissect and Imitate Those You Admire

It’s never bad to take inspiration from an idol, and anyone that tells you otherwise is an idiot. Plagiarism, sure, that’s bad, but taking an idea and giving it your own twist? That’s just being a writer. If someone tells you that you write like Tolkien, but your story isn’t word-for-word Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit? Good. You have your style. As long as you’re writing, improving, and growing in it, there’s nothing wrong with it. Identify what you like, what you enjoy, and use that to improve your own writing styles – make it something of yours.

Reading is great source of inspiration, and reading books that you want to write similar to is even better. Do that like it’s a job you love.

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These are just some of the ideas I’ve got for helping you improve as a writer. I might expand on this topic at a later date, but for now this is what you’re getting from me! I’m a busy cat, so it’s hard to find time to do things. I’ll try to post more regularly! Thanks for tuning in, check out the rest of my blog, and make sure to like or comment if you enjoyed!

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