3 Reasons to Let Your Kids Game in Quarantine

Yes, your kids should be allowed to stay up late and game with their friends during the whole “world-wide lock down” going on here. No, I’m not joking…mostly. Truth is, we’re all screwed and forced to socially isolate, which sucks on its own, and we’re all bored. Not engaged intellectually. That’s exactly why you should let your kids play that confounded video game machine! Continue reading to learn more!

Improves Social Skills

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard it before – kids become shut ins and loners because of games. That’s such a 1980s argument, though, and like the idiots that bashed Dungeons and Dragons as a Satanic Game during the Satanic Panic, you’re completely out of touch. Yes, it hurts to hear, but you gotta take your hits like an adult and accept the truth. Online gaming isn’t new, and it forces people across the world to engage and participate in many ways. Some games, like VRChat, are completely social – a great way to develop casual relationships.

Your kids are currently cut off from their friends physically, they need that social interaction just like you need a quiet time not being annoyed by them. Let them play their Fornite or whatever with their friends as late as they want – chances are they’re stuck doing home school anyway!

Bigstock image of a kid playing video games on a handheld device

Enhances the Brain’s Speed

Again, we’ve all heard the old “you’ll rot your brain out with that thing” argument, and again I have to call you an old lady/man if you believe it. Truth is, many old people find benefits from gaming when it comes to memory and intelligence – it’s packed full of stimulation, visual and audio, and it often has puzzles and problems that you have to solve creatively. Even the shooters require you to think ahead and plan, or plot out the right way to score a head shot if there’s bullet drop and leading. It’s not as mindless as you think – research has proven that it can assist gamers in processing stimulation faster, not slower.

And, really, if you’re sitting in front of the TV all day watching reality shows…who’s really rotting their brain here?

Assists with Learning

This one might be hard to believe for some of you, but gaming is great for learning. Not only for kids and teens, but for adults too. Many education institutions have begun to bring in video games to help teach, especially simulation games that have gamers engage in creativity and problem-solving. Truth is, everyone learns differently, and in the current day and age (it is 2020 after all, people!) gaming is a far better teacher than a stuffy old classroom and a mountain of books for a lot of young people.

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So, instead of taking away that XBox or Playstation, etc, or turning off that Wi-Fi/internet because your kid’s up too late, why not just say “screw it” and let them game? With the current climate around the COVID-19 virus and how many schools have been put into “from home” status, keeping them mentally stimulated and socially active is far more important. You don’t want them, and thus you, to go crazy, do you?

Editor’s Note – Title changed to better reflect the article’s content.

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