The Rebirth of Something Special

Third times the charm, right? That’s probably bad to say, since this is the third time I’ve created a blog in the last five years, but hopefully I’ve learned my lessons by now. Regardless! It’s good to meet you, internet person, and welcome to My Bin!

What is The Bin?

The Bin will be a place I put my thoughts, opinions, and creative works out for the world to enjoy – or hate, depending on your personality and personal opinions. This will include everything from my thoughts on current happenings in the world (a limited topic I’ll touch on), tips and tricks on things I’m interested in, and various creative works. Some of these will be one-shots, some of these will be part of a longer series or story, it really depends on the way my brain works.

I expect a few of these will get mixed reactions and encourage you to reach out and tell me your thoughts if so!

Cat in a bin

Why Should I Care?

It’s really up to you if you do! I won’t force you (though I’ll be a sad cat if you do click away), and I won’t hold it against you if you decide what I do here isn’t for you. In the end, this is a place for me to post whatever I like and for people to see and maybe enjoy it.

What comes Next?

After this brief little introduction post, which will hopefully set up my website/blog for the future, I’ll be creating a second post that has some creative content. These two will kick start the blog where I hope to post at least four times a week – two creative posts, two informative/thinking posts – and give you all an idea of what to expect.

Thanks for tuning into this little blog of mine – for the second time for some of you – and I hope you enjoy some of what I do here! I hope to catch you all rummaging through the trash with me!

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