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Indie Book Review: Dawn’s Arrival

Originally posted on Maromar's Writing Repository:
Ennui is a pain as real as any other, hours toiling away at work miles short of your potential is torturous. This is the position Richard Foxx suffers as a gifted student of a famed mage university built under the shadow of the powerful Church of Drakari. Cody…

Fantasy sword in light and darkness_b

Rise of an Empire – Chapter 1 Sample

Rodrik and the men needed no further prompting, hurrying away from her. Each man kept his eyes trained on her until she was well out of sight. And they didn’t drop their guards then, either…

Dawn's Arrival book cover art

Dawn’s Arrival – a Quick Glance!

For those of you that might have seen the most recent blog post, I have published a novella titled Dawn’s Arrival. Check out a short excerpt here!

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